Dive Sites

Dive Sites around Koh Rong

The following dive sites are the places that we go to on a regular basis, all of them are within a few minutes of the Koh Rong pier


  • Corner Bar, First Tree, Last Tree
    These 3 dive sites are all right next to each other on the West hand side of the Koh Kon Island that sits in front of Koh Rong Samlon. We are so lucky here at the Koh Rong Dive center to have the Koh Kon island just 20mins away by boat. The island is circled […]
  • The Corral
    Named this after the idea that you corral horses, and this is because this is our Sea Horse site. ‘The Corral’ lies on the North tip of the Koh Kon Island and it has a horse shoe shaped Corral that lies as shallow as 3 meters (so perfect for snorkelers) but follow the reef round […]
  • Back Door / Boulders
    Back Door is a large area of huge stones and boulders that have formed some great sites for fish to hide and new corral to form. The boulders look incredible in the water because of the size and life that has made the rocks there home. We also find lots of little swim though and […]
  • Khmer Garden
    This is by far one of the best sites in all of Cambodia, Not just for the vast size, beauty and life that sits on this coral Reef but also it’s Location. It takes about 35mins to travel round to far side of the island and to the famous 7km beach. Twice now this beach […]
  • Budda Reef
    Budda Reef is the second dive site that we use if we go round to Khmer Garden. Very often with some gentle drift heading south. So we often drop our divers at the start of this site and will pick everyone up again at the far end of the site. I love this dive site […]

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