Named this after the idea that you corral horses, and this is because this is our Sea Horse site.

‘The Corral’ lies on the North tip of the Koh Kon Island and it has a horse shoe shaped Corral that lies as shallow as 3 meters (so perfect for snorkelers) but follow the reef round and you will end up down at 12. Thanks to the horse shoe corral the site gets protected from most of the weather so we always get beautiful clear blue water at this site which is perfect for spotting the Sea Horses and the many different types of gorgeous Nudi Branches (including the Blue and Pink Dragons!) we have at this site.

This site does not have as much Reef as our other sites but thanks to that we do get a lot of large Tuna, Giant Golden Travellies, and Sting Rays in the muck. This is also full of Porcupine Fish, Rabbit Fish, Angel Fish, and we have even seen giant rays here before but you will need to look hard for them.


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