This is by far one of the best sites in all of Cambodia, Not just for the vast size, beauty and life that sits on this coral Reef but also it’s Location. It takes about 35mins to travel round to far side of the island and to the famous 7km beach. Twice now this beach has been voted in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, and the moment the boat pulls round the island the 7k beach comes into view you will see why. 7kilomiters of incredible un-spoilt white sand beach.

We dive at this site and will often stay here for lunch just so people can soak up the sun and the beauty of this incredible beach. The dive site also offers all the best we have in the area, from schools of huge Barracuda Gary and Yellow Box Fish, huge sweet lips, so many different types of Groupers and we often get lots of cuttle fish


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