These 3 dive sites are all right next to each other on the West hand side of the Koh Kon Island that sits in front of Koh Rong Samlon.

We are so lucky here at the Koh Rong Dive center to have the Koh Kon island just 20mins away by boat. The island is circled 360 degrees by such a vast variation of different coral and coral life that it’s a joy to dive at any of these 3 sites, over and over again.

The 3 sites are each around 150 – 200 meters in length but spread out from the island by around 50 meters. We can get as deep as 16 meters when we jump from the boat but most of the dive is spend next to a reef wall at around 12 – 8 meters we find this is where most of the life is on the reef so you will see more at this depth. It also means that our dives last a little longer than most at around 45mins to 60mins per dive. Thankfully with us having on average around 31 degrees water temp even after 1 hour most divers come up feeling warm.

We have a huge amount of Coral life at these sites, we find big schools of Barracuda and Travallies which is always great to see in such large numbers. Bat Fish, Box fish, Puffer Fish, Sweet Lips, Blue Ringed Angel Fish, Blue Spotted Rays even the occasional Sea Turtle! are among the many things you will see at these sites Chances are you will go to at least one of these sites if you come diving with us and you will see why they are our favorite sites.


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