Back Door is a large area of huge stones and boulders that have formed some great sites for fish to hide and new corral to form. The boulders look incredible in the water because of the size and life that has made the rocks there home. We also find lots of little swim though and over hangs that are great for getting into and for taking pictures.

We often find little bamboo sharks in this area and again a huge amount of Nudi Branches but the one thing we always find at this site is some big Mora Eels! These may look scary when you first see them but once you see the black and gold shimmer on their bodies you begin to see the beauty that the Eel holds.

Recently we have been seeing Dolphins at the end of the dive site and 2 divers have even spent 15 mins diving with them, but they are new and they are still shy, but who knows maybe you will be one of the first to dive with our new friends.


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