Minimum Requirements

  • 10 years old +

The Intro Dive or Padi Discover Scuba Diving is a good way of getting to know if diving is your passion. No previous training is required. This course allows you to sample life under the water without signing up to complete a full course.

1 Full Day – 2 Dives from our Boat

Course includes full equipment rental, tuition and lunch.

Cost – $95

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  1. Hi! I’m interested in diving, but I don’t have any training or knowledge. Do you think that intro dive could be good for me? what kind of “sample”is this? it mean, what would I do if I took it?

    1. the intro dive is a dive at the beach in shallow water and is to show you how to use the scuba equipment, the instructor is next to you at all times and can help you and teach you.

    2. you should do it! I did mine in Malaysia last July and I instantly got hooked! Recently I got certified as an Advanced OW diver.

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