What do SCUBA divers worry about during their diving holidays


There are several things, scuba divers worry during their diving holidays. Amongst other more personal things the next four points could be interesting for all our customers and visitors.

  • the weather
  • loose their diving equipment at the airport – missing luggage
  • bankruptcy of the diving company
  • medical care
SCUBA dive holidays in Cambodia
SCUBA dive holidays in Cambodia

The weather is a very important issue during your SCUBA diving holidays

Koh Rong Island is located at the coast of Sihanouk Ville in Cambodia. During the rainy season Cambodia suffer from high humidity and oppressive heat. The rainy season lasts from June to October, with an average rainfall of 1600 mm and high temperatures (average July temperature of 28 °). Most rain falls on the mountain slopes that are facing the Gulf of Thailand.

From May to September the wind comes mainly from the southeast while during the winter time and the dry season the wind comes from north and northeast. The dry season from December to April is characterized by high temperatures and an average of eight hours of sunlight per day.

The best months to visit Cambodia is from November to April. This is also the best time to schedule your diving holidays.
At our right sidebar you can have a short impression about the weather at Koh Rong Island. If you need more details please visit the independent website world weather online.

Cambodia climate table

climate table - click to enlarge
climate table – click to enlarge

As you can see, the safest month for your diving holidays are December until March.

Missing Luggage

What a nightmare, you fly thousands of miles and finally the aircraft staff lost your luggage.

“Kiss your diving holidays goodbye” are your first thoughts.

Not with us, because we do have rental equipment. If you had booked your scuba diving trips with us we are pleased to help you. And most of the time our courses include the diving equipment anyway.

We do have SCUBA diving equipment for you.
We do have SCUBA diving equipment for you.

We do have SCUBA diving equipment for you.

Bankruptcy of the diving company

What can we say, nobody is perfect. But in our case it is slightly different. We split our business into different alone standing business. So there is a travel agency in our group as well as a Ferry service to the islands. Further do we run two guest-houses and resorts and this diving school.
We can say that it is very hard to put the Koh Rong Dive Center out of business.
And remember – you do not need to pay the full amount at the booking, a serious deposit will keep both of us happy and trustful.

Medical care

We agree, it not seems to look very trustful in the Cambodian hospitals, but Sihanouk Ville is the main City at the Gulf of Siam. It contain a large harbor and seaport. Therefor the medical care is one of the best and experienced with accidents on sea. But even if this should not be enough. Sihanouk Ville has an airport to carry you fast to Phnom Penh or even to Bangkok.

The cost of the medical care, should be covered by your travel insurance. But please make sure that your insurance did not exclude SCUBA Diving. If so, find another insurance and make sure your diving holidays are covered in it’s policy.

More issues?

We hope we could help you to think different about your SCUBA diving holidays in Cambodia. But whenever you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please enjoy your SCUBA diving holidays in Cambodia

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing SCUBA dive holiday.

Enjoy your Scuba holiday
Enjoy your Scuba holiday

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