Minimum Requirements: 10 Years Old +

Open Water Diver is the first course to make you an independent diver. With the Padi Open Water Diver course you will get a certification for life time.

You will get the education and tools which allows you to dive up to 18 meters deep, which is deep enough to enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful dive sites.

The Padi Open Water Diver course takes 4 days

The Padi Open Water Diver course includes:

  • Dive Theory
  • Confined Water Diving and Skills
  • 4 Open Water Dive
  • Course completed in  4 Days
  • Course includes full equipment rental, tuition materials and certification.  Boat dives include lunch and refreshments.

Cost: $430 over 4 days

More Information:

The Padi Open Water Diver course takes 4 days and the price includes all course materials, certification fee, lunch on the boat and refreshments. We do however advise that you arrive on the island the day before you are due to start your course to allow you time to settle in and relax.

You will be trained in a small group of maximum 4 students to 1 instructor. If you book and receive confirmation in advance you can start your course on any day at your convenience.

We dive mostly around Koh Rong Island about 2 hours offshore of Sihanouk Ville. Koh Rong is one of the biggest islands of Cambodia with 28 unspoiled beaches. Only a very small part of it is starting to develop now and the rest is still remaining natural.

We are very confident that you will experience a high quality of training at Koh Rong Dive Center.

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If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our island office directly using the following form. We will answer your request asap, but not longer than 48 hours.


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